For effective deliberation on important agenda, topics and optimal use of time this meeting is organized in  6 parallel sessions that include:

A main session – to be attended by politicians, decision makers, researchers, Academia and all other interested attendees of the congress;

A business session – arranged to be attended by ALC member countries, contributors to the draft constitution, delegates of regional economic groups and global space institutions, and other interested researchers for the adoption of ALC constitution and for other important decisions;

Youth session – to be attended by young researchers, young space ambassadors, all interested young attendees of the event, and other interested people;

Women in Aerospace session –  to be attended by women attendees of all ages and other interested people;

Vendors’ platform –  to be used by vendors and exhibitors to display and  promote their space products and services; and

concluding forum that will be conducted to wind up the event by way of summarizing the outcomes, making recommendations and setting the way forward.